Dance Koinonia is a holistic fitness program that fosters well-being of the spirit, soul, and body. It is an electrifying fitness program that incorporates dance and exercise while stimulated by diverse genres of music. Whether it be jazz, hip-hop, Latin, R&B, Bollywood, blues, big band, country and western, or soul-inspiring gospel house and gospel praise, the fitness program is designed to create a social-dance atmosphere, linking like-minded individuals who seek health and wellness outside of traditional means.

Dance Koinonia creates a workout experience that leaves participants hungry for more. Together in a celebratory atmosphere, participants are pumped-up for the workout and ready to get their groove on. 

History-making tunes will bring back fun memories and create an exuberant tone in dance. The gospel music will set a mood of praise and thankfulness, transforming a heart and creating a demonstration of worship. Regardless of the type of music, new or old, the tunes will stir the participants into a dancing experience worth telling others about. It is truly a celebration of health experience…


Our fitness system, integrating music therapy infused with move-ology and positive confession as the holistic system to improve the quality of life. Fitness programs that include music can assist in changing the overall well-being of children and adults with disabilities, illnesses, or addictive behaviors. Music itself is the purest form of artistic expression. Where words fail, music begins. Music alone has the ability to penetrate our hearts and is a powerful universal language that crosses cultural and social barriers.

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