Nutrients for Success is an outreach affiliate of Fruitful Living, Inc. Fruitful Living Inc’s mission is to encourage ongoing life improvement to individuals that recognize a need for change. With a vision and heart for health and fitness, Ms. King established the affiliate, Nutrients for Success and partners with Dance Koinonia an affiliate of Godje Inc.

Nutrients for Success is a discovery and renewal program for individuals seeking resurgence from a lack of positive movement in their lives. We bring hope back to men and women who have lost it. We accomplish this through mentoring, coaching, educating, and teaching basic life skills and correct decision-making processes.

The “Learning Organization Model” states that people in a learning organization are expected to experiment: Innovation is the norm, and mistakes are viewed as learning experiences. Nutrients for Success’s goal is to encourage and support its clients through their mistakes and struggles, teaching that if something we are doing is not working, we should exchange it in favor of something that does. Our motto, “Discovery Is your Recovery”, emphasizes renewed, constructive habits and a brand-new you evolving as you reset your life’s direction.


Nutrients for Successis a holistic program that fosters rehabilitation of the spirit, soul, and body, thereby inspiring individuals to pursue wholeness and a greater realization of success.


Our mission is to identify life’s purpose and to encourage positive behavioral change in developing affirming, positive thought patterns of self-worth and all-inclusive growth. Our wellness platform includes food education, meal preparation, meditation, stretching, team walks and jogging, strength training, yoga and dance fitness programs in addition to other pertinent health, fitness, and wellness education and services.

The affirmation of positive thinking about one’s self-value can motivate healthy behavior patterns. Studies have measured the success of positive thinkers and found that people who believe they can change destructive behavior are more likely to hold to and demonstrate constructive behavior.

These individuals are more successful than those who project low self-esteem. Behavioral and motivational therapy can be received through many therapeutic methods. Some people respond to encouraging words from others, some read and listen to media conduits that inspire holistic growth, and others affirm self-value through proclamations of change.

Affirming one’s self-value through proclamations of change has proven to be preeminent in setting one’s course toward a new existence.

Many healthcare professionals practice music therapy to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages. Music therapy has the holistic ability to improve the quality of life for children and adults who are diagnosed with terminal illness, mental illness, disabilities or illnesses, or suffering with addictive behaviors. Music is the purest form of artistic expression.

Where words leave off, music begins. Music alone has the ability to penetrate our hearts and is a powerful universal language that crosses cultural and social barriers.

Acknowledging the most vital need as humans is a healthy spirit, soul and body;they are the components of great importance in recovery.

Recognizing our powerlessness and acknowledging the need for a greater power are essential to living a life of completeness. Nutrients for Success partners with, Discovery is your Recovery, a resurgence program that offers empowering tools to relieve mental suffering and help develop and cultivate a whole consciousness in the lives of those pursuing wholeness. Our program model offers one-on-one theraputic services, coaching sessions, and a line-up of empowering workshops, not limited to, setting boundaries, a course on codependency, and other recovery and life skill implements and relapse prevention. The timeline for the program is a six-month commitment. These holistic courses, in conjunction with the practice of self-value affirmation and music therapy, will bring healing and mental solace to individuals demoralized by addictive behaviors.

We all need to develop a balanced life. Those recovering from addictive behaviors and their negative effects on the nucleus acumens, or “pleasure centers,” of the brain need a higher-consciousness encounter that will help these individuals bring visualization of a new person into a new, sound existence.

This awareness will unveil their potential and begin to bring to light their self-capacity to change. The therapeutic tools of music and self-value affirmation will deeply transform the soul and spirit of individuals who desire healing. These holistic encounters will reconstruct broken images into images of liberty, peace, and the reality of a new life free from addiction.

After Care

After care is a key element in living a successful life of recovery. It is the link that helps clients take hold of the things they’ve learned and gained as they pursue a new way of living.

After care is where clients apply the tools learned during recovery. It’s the eye-opening experience of application, offering a return on one’s effort to change and opening the door to a higher level of success and excitement for life.

During the after care phase, Nutrients for Success offers training and mentorship programs for individuals interested in business building. We will offer training in care giving skills, providing services to seniors and developmentally disabled individuals.

Our wellness center classes and seminars continually offer information and resources that will facilitate and equip individuals to grow and maintain sobriety and be over comers even more to develop a firm foundation for wholeness and healthy living.

A real picture of a new life direction is often the turning point for many individuals. Ms. King’s introduction to Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) changed the direction of her life. As the picture of business ownership came into view, she discovered she had what it takes to make it happen. SCORE is dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth, and success of small businesses nationwide. SCORE is a wonderful asset to our membership benefits.

Our collaboration with this highly regarded service will provide resources and expertise to maximize the success of existing and emerging small businesses and the support of start-ups. SCORE has approximately 370 chapters and over 11,200 volunteers throughout the United States and its territories. Many local chapters also have branch locations throughout the regions they administer. SCORE’s vision is that every person has the support necessary to thrive as a small business owner, and its mission is to foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education. Ms. King has been a SCORE recipient of mentorship since 1987, and she attributes her continued success to this respected organization. Her way of giving back is to mentor others who have a desire to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

Community Connection

Resources and referral information are key parts of recovery in helping our clients connect to collaborative services. Many individuals seeking freedom from addictive behaviors will need inpatient services. We partner with other recovery programs to support an integrated system of care.

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